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    Being one of the leading Southside fencing companies in Western Australia (WA), Southside Fencing, Perth, delivers quality products made with the finest materials. With products having a long lifespan, and a service culture that is gracious and friendly, we provide you with professional expertise to ensure that all your fencing requirements are met.

    At Southside Fencing, quality remains our top priority and spans the entire range of our services. Pleasing to the eye, our selection of products offers unmatched security along with an outstanding performance of strength and durability. Our passionate team demonstrates an exceptional skill-set and undertakes a range of services such as steel pool fencing, balustrades, installation of new fences and repairing of existing fences, including those damaged by storms, and insurance work. However, our specialty remains colourbond gates - single and double - and colourbond fencing – all backed by a 10-year warranty from BlueScope Steel.

    In our goal to become the premier company for colourbond fencing in Perth, we are geared with the most competitive, yet affordable prices. With a clear focus on delivering unmatched customer service, we hope to expand our range of services in the near future to include glass pool and brushwood fencing.